About the Foodie


Hi, I am Amanda Gentle, a self proclaimed foodie.

Living as a college student has posed many obstacles for my food loving self. With classes, homework, a job, and the ever important social life how does one ever find the time to cook?!  More importantly, my increasingly shallow pockets pose the biggest obstacle when it comes to eating fresh, homemade meals.  Due to the lack of free-time and skinny wallets, the majority of the student population resorts to a steady diet of Ramen noodles and Tostitos Pizza Rolls. This is a diet I was not about to succumb to, and I have done everything in my will to eat delicious, freshly cooked meals while staying in budget.  Since moving into my apartment, I like to think that I have mastered the art of cooking for one person, without over spending or having to throw away food.  After much encouragement from family and friends, I have decided to share my savvy cooking secrets with the rest of the world.

My love of food stems from my family.  I come from a long line of foodies, who love to cook food, eat food, and, of course, talk about food.  When we are eating lunch, we talk about what to eat for dinner; when we are eating dinner, we talk about what we should eat for dinner the following night.  Our food obsession is even more prevalent when the entire family is together. Every summer, my mom’s sister comes up to visit from Florida, and every summer she comes with her list of foods.

474546_10151919490923135_1533305201_oSince I began attending the University of Minnesota, I have picked up on my aunt’s habits of returning home with a long list of meal must-haves. After a long, tasteless year of living in the dorms, I moved into my first apartment, which I am spoiled to say, has a beautiful kitchen.  However, there are still certain foods that I cannot make or find here at school.  For instance, grills are not allowed in apartment buildings and my George Foreman simply does not do its justice when trying to grill a juicy burger.  Not to mention the fact that Minnesota is lacking greatly in the frozen custard department, which is probably my biggest weakness.  Needless to say, every time I return home I come with a long list of food requests for my parents to fulfill, including a trip to my favorite custard stand.

Minus the lack of frozen custard and a decent grill, I have figured out how to fulfill my foodie needs while staying in budget.  On average, my grocery bill is only about $32.00 a week, which still blows me away sometimes!  That’s 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners and the occasional baked good all for only $32.00! Most couples could easily spend that much on just one dinner at a decent restaurant.  My family has been equally as impressed by my ability to eat healthy, fresh meals for such little money.  While conversing over a savory meal of grilled sockeye salmon and mushroom risotto, my mom suggested that I start my own food blog.  She said I should share my experiences of eating well, without overspending.  So here I am now, sharing my culinary insight so that you too, can eat like a foodie while living like a student.



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